Video: Man Crashes Brand New Car Into Parked Bikes. This Happened Next

Video: Man Crashes Brand New Car Into Parked Bikes. This Happened Next

The incident took place in Mumbai on Thursday.

A video showing an unfortunate accident involving a brand-new car is going viral on the internet. The clip was shared on Twitter by Sqn Ldr Vinod Kumar (Retd.) with the caption, “What a grand arrival home?”

The CCTV footage opened to show a man pushing the main gate of what appeared to be a housing complex. Moments later, a brand new Tata Nexon with its lights on was then seen taking a turn into the area and immediately crashing into a row of parked bikes. 

Watch the video below: 

The swanky new car, decorated with a garland on its front, did not only crash into the parked bikes, but it also tumbled to its side before appearing to regain some balance. 

At the end of the video, the man from before was seen rushing to the driver’s aid, with presumably the building’s security guard. 

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In the comments section, Mr Kumar informed that the incident took place in Mumbai. As per the date seen in the footage, the crash happened on Thursday.  

Since being uploaded, the clip has accumulated more than 622,000 views and over 13,000 likes. Internet users flooded the comment section with all kinds of reactions. While some simply found the accident “tragic”, others tried to come up with an explanation of how the accident may have occurred. 

“Never seen such a rousing welcome so far,” wrote one user. “Instead of pressing the brake & straightening the steering, the driver panicked, clutched the steering & pressed the accelerator! No presence of mind,” said another. 

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A third commented, “Thank God the man drove home safely in one piece. But the fate of the poor inanimate two-wheelers and their owners is rather /unfortunate.” A fourth added, “I knew the moment that sharp turn was taken. It was not going to end well. Luckily no one was around.”

Meanwhile, recently, another horrifying video of a car crash surfaced on social media. The video showed the car crashing into an ambulance and three other cars parked on the side of a road after an earlier accident. The incident took place on the Bandra-Worli sea link in Mumbai, and it left five people dead and another eight injured. 

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