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From old favourites to new additions, there is plenty for you to get stuck into
The Telegraph has a perhaps unrivalled history when it comes to puzzles. In 1925, we were the first UK newspaper to begin publishing a daily crossword; our cryptic crosswords were used to recruit code-breakers during the Second World War; our innovative dedicated puzzles website launched in 2008, and has been a mainstay of our puzzles offering ever since.
This week, we’re pleased to launch our brand new puzzles website, at telegraph.co.uk/puzzles. Designed to work seamlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop, the site is home to an increased number of fully interactive puzzles. These include old favourites such as the world-famous Telegraph Crossword, Quick Crossword and Sudoku, along with Codewords, Kakuro and the most recent addition to our puzzles stable, PlusWord, which is recommended for any fans of Wordle.
All of our prize crosswords, including Kate Mepham’s Saturday Giant General Knowledge Crossword and the Monday Herculis Crossword can now be played interactively; entries to the prize draws can also be made online for the first time, removing the need to scan and email completed puzzles, or to pay for the cost of a stamp. There’s no need to worry, however, if you prefer to print puzzles and fill them in using pencil (or, if you’re particularly confident, pen); you can still do so.
While our daily PlusWord is still available to play for free here, the new website contains every PlusWord since puzzle number one, as well as the ability to check and reveal each answer.
This launch is the first in a series planned over the next 12 months, which will see additional puzzle types added (some completely new, some not so new), as well as the ability to track your puzzles performance and improve your solving abilities. 
If you’re a Digital Plus or print subscriber, you can play on the new website for free; otherwise, you can sign up here. You can also peruse our handy FAQ page for more detailed information.
We hope you enjoy the new Telegraph Puzzles website as much as we’ve enjoyed getting it ready for you.


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