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Copies of newspapers announcing the Queen’s death as well as those marking the period of mourning are up for sale online and some sellers are hoping to fetch large sums for the recent relics.
By Victoria Elms, digital investigations journalist
Friday 16 September 2022 05:34, UK
Second-hand copies of newspapers marking the Queen’s death are for sale on eBay and Facebook Marketplace, with some listed for hundreds of pounds. 
A copy of last week’s Sunday Times is up for £500. Asked by Sky News about why they decided to sell, the eBay user said “it was just an idea that popped into my head”.
Elsewhere, bundles of the UK’s biggest newspapers’ 9 September editions are on sale for up to £350.
Other items newly listed include memorabilia from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, with one coin from June’s celebrations priced at a whopping £26,000.
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The Times is one of the most popular papers up for resale. On eBay alone, we found hundreds of listings for second-hand copies of Friday’s edition available to purchase.
If bought on the day from a newsagent, 9 September’s issue would have set you back £2.50.
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But resellers are hoping the item’s historic value will fetch them far more than that.
The prices vary enormously, which indicates there may be some confusion about exactly how much these items are worth.
The majority are listed for around £10, £20 or £30 but some sellers are hoping to yield hundreds.
“I normally sell vintage and custom-built PCs,” one seller named Chris told Sky News. He’s hoping to shift his copy of The Times’ 9 September issue for around £60 on Facebook Marketplace.
“But people around the world are looking for the opportunity to buy a historic copy of The Times… It’s an opportunity to make some extra cash,” he added.
While Chris is still waiting to find a buyer, others appear to have been more successful in selling on these recent relics.
On one listing, users had submitted 21 bids on a copy of The Times’ Friday issue. At the time of writing, the price stood at £82.
And while the £500 Sunday Times is yet to pique any interest, its seller told Sky News they have already managed to shift another copy for £300.
The 9 September issue of the Sun also appears to be sought after.
Users hoping to sell their copies have listed them for up to £50, although many are for sale for around half that.
Others have put bundles of different newspapers marking the Queen’s death up for sale.
One seller has listed a collection of eight tabloids including The Sun, The Star and The Daily Mail for £350.
Sky News counted 15 listings for bundles of newspapers priced at above £100.
For now, it appears that the bulk of second-hand items for sale in the wake of the Queen’s death are newspapers marking the day she died.
ValueMyStuff, which values antique items including memorabilia, says it has not received an increase in the number of royal memorabilia items for appraisal.
However, it notes that this could change.
And it does appear that some people are hoping to sell on their royal items. Just five days ago, one seller on Facebook Marketplace listed a 50p coin released to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee for an eye-watering £26,000.
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