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OUYA gaming console sells out in hours on Amazon

Android-based console sells for $99


Well, that was quick. Just hours after going on sale in the U.S., Canada and the UK, the OUYA gaming console was already sold out Tuesday morning on Amazon, though other retailers still had it in stock.

Amazon, which was selling the device for $99, told customers that the item was temporarily out of stock. However, as of Tuesday morning, Target and Best Buy were still carrying OUYA. GameStop noted that the item was “currently unavailable.”

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OUYA launched on Kickstarter as an open gaming console that anyone could develop for or hack as they see fit, all for a $99 price tag. The Kickstarter hit its $900,000 funding goal in eight hours, and broke Kickstarter records after raising $8.6 million total. Earlier this year, OUYA’s creators announced that the console would be widely available at retail stores in June.

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Kickstarter backers, meanwhile, began receiving their OUYA consoles in April.

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