On World Mental Health Day, Deepika Padukone Posted This

On World Mental Health Day, Deepika Padukone Posted This

Deepika Padukone shared this picture. (courtesy: deepikapadukone)

New Delhi:

On World Mental Health Day, Deepika Padukone, who is currently in Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu, to expand her mental health foundation Live Love Laugh’s rural community, has shared a post on her Instagram handle. She shared pictures with people she met during the program and wrote a long note speaking about her journey. “Since our inception, we have been relentless in our efforts to improve the lives of those experiencing mental illness, as well as the lives of their caregivers. Expanding our rural outreach program to Tamil Nadu is one more important step towards making mental health care accessible and affordable for all.” She used the hashtag World Mental Health Day. The actress was accompanied by her mother, Ujjala Padukone, and sister, Anisha. 

Deepika Padukone’s foundation, Live Love Laugh, aims to help those struggling with their mental health.

Here have a look: 

Earlier, speaking to NDTV, Deepika Padukone opened up about the importance of the caregiver in coping with mental illness. She said, “It is extremely crucial. Even in my personal journey, the role of the caregiver has been extremely important that’s why my mother is here, that’s why my sister has been so passionately part of this cause for many years and also therefore, when I hear the stories of the caregivers, I understand how equally important that is as well, and the emotional well-being of the caregiver is as important as the emotional well-being of the person experiencing mental illness.”

Giving her own example, Deepika added, “In my own case for example, had my mother and the caregiver not identified my symptoms, in my moment of vulnerability, had she not had the presence of mind to tell me to or help me reach out to the professionals, I don’t know what state I would be in today. Ensuring, I was regular with my treatment, with my consultations with the doctors, and of course it takes a toll on the caregiver as well and that’s not something new. I think caregivers in general, whether it is mental illness or any other form of illness, it takes a toll on the caregiver.” 

Deepika Padukone opened up about her mental illness in 2015 and revealed that she battled with depression a year before.

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