Indian Railways Responds After Man Claims To Find “Yellow Paper” Inside Samosa Served On Train

Indian Railways Responds After Man Claims To Find 'Yellow Paper' Inside Samosa Served On Train

Aji Kumar was onboard Bandra-bound Lucknow Junction Weekly SF Express.

A man aboard a Mumbai-Lucknow train recently claimed that he found a “yellow paper” inside a samosa served by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Aji Kumar shared pictures of the “yellow paper” stuck inside the food dish. It appeared to be a portion of a wrapper which probably got mixed while preparing the dish. 

In the caption, Mr Kumar wrote, “I am on the way to Lucknow today 9-10-22 I bought one Samosa to eat.. Some portions taken and lastly this is inside in it… Pls look the yellow paper inside somosa… Its served by the IRCTC pantry person in the Train No. 20921 Bandra Lucknow train…. Started train 8-10-22.” 

In the following tweets, Mr Kumar also informed that he was onboard Bandra-bound Lucknow Junction Weekly SF Express. “What hygienic foods supplying by the Pantry provided by IRCTC,” he further mentioned. 

Responding to the complaint, the IRCTC wrote, “Sir, inconvenience regretted. Kindly share pnr and mobile no in DM”. Separately, Railway Seva, which is the official account set up by the Railway Ministry for support to Rail users, said that the matter is being taken up by the IRCTC.  

However, despite the apology, internet users were not impressed. Reacting to the incident, one user wrote, “Everything in Railway system is becoming worse day by day including ticket confirmation and mainly they just charge money like anything else everything is under charge, don’t you understand what’s the situation about poor people. This is what developing India is money snatching”. 

Agreeing to this, another commented, “Truly said .. it’s all becoming a show business.. only travellers know real pain and status of irctc services”. A third sarcastically wrote, “arey ye to indian version hua fortune cookie ka (This is Indian version of fortune cookies)”. A fourth pointed out that the “yellow paper” was a torn gutkha (Tobacco) wrapper. 

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