How to Watch the 2023 Boston Marathon on TV or in Person-

The 127th Boston Marathon is the mother of all marathons — the oldest. About 30,000 runners will chase the elite professionals toward the finish line on Boylston Street on Monday.

Here’s how to watch the race on TV and in person.

The race will be broadcast on ESPN from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern and will be broadcast locally on WCVB (Channel 5) in Boston from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern.

The race will be available to livestream on Very Local Boston.

9:02 a.m. Men’s wheelchair

9:05 a.m. Women’s wheelchair

9:30 a.m. Handcycle and duos participants

9:37 a.m. Professional men

9:45 a.m. Professional women

9:50 a.m. Para athletics division

10 a.m. Wave 1

10:25 a.m. Wave 2

10:50 a.m. Wave 3

11:15 a.m. Wave 4

Spectating is a sport too. So what kind of spectator do you want to be?

The early-in-the-race spectator: The Framingham train station, at the 6.6-mile mark, is a good spot to go if you want an early glimpse of the athletes. You can then take an inbound commuter train to catch them again in Boston.

The scene chaser: If you want a scenic spot for cheering, head to the Natick town center at Mile 10. And if you want a really scene-y spot, head to Wellesley College at Mile 13 to witness the Wellesley “scream tunnel.” It’s even louder than you think.

The cheerleader: If you want to help the runners along, head for the Newton Hills between the 17.5-mile mark and Mile 21.

The “almost there” screamer: Please, please do not scream, “You’re almost there,” until runners are, in fact, almost there. What qualifies as almost there? From our vantage point: when you can see the finish line. If you want to catch runners in those final 600 yards, find a spot along Boylston Street.

If you are hoping to catch a runner in a few spots, try to get a sense of that runner’s pace so you can map out your commute.

The Boston Athletic Association has an app that will allow users to track participants throughout the day. Enter bib numbers or names to track runners and receive alerts when they pass certain points on the course.

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