China COVID-19 Protests Live Updates – Hundreds Take To Streets In Beijing, Shanghai

People took to the streets in Beijing and Shanghai to protest against China’s zero-Covid policy.

New Delhi:

Hundreds of people took to the streets in Beijing and Shanghai on Sunday to protest against China’s zero-Covid policy in a rare outpouring of public anger against the state. China’s hardline virus strategy is stoking public frustration, with many growing weary of snap lockdowns, lengthy quarantines and mass testing campaigns. A deadly fire on Thursday in Urumqi, the capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang region, has become a fresh catalyst for public anger, with many blaming lengthy Covid lockdowns for hampering rescue efforts. Authorities deny the claims.

Here are the live updates of the China Covid protests:

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Shanghai Reports 16 Symptomatic, 128 Asymptomatic Covid Cases
Shanghai reported 16 new domestically transmitted symptomatic coronavirus cases for Nov. 27, up from 11 a day earlier, while 128 local asymptomatic cases were reported, up from 119 the previous day, the city government said on Monday.

Four cases were reported outside quarantined areas, compared with four the day before.

Shanghai recorded no COVID-19-related deaths for Nov. 27, unchanged from a day earlier.

Chinese Police Assaulted Journalist Covering Protest: Report

The BBC said on Sunday that Chinese police assaulted and detained one of its journalists covering a protest in Shanghai, before later releasing him after several hours.

The BBC said it had not been given a credible official explanation for its journalist’s detention.

“We are all Xinjiang people! Go Chinese people!”: Chanted Crowds In Beijing

On Sunday night, at least 400 people gathered on the banks of a river in the capital Beijing for several hours, with some shouting: “We are all Xinjiang people! Go Chinese people!”

AFP reporters at the scene described the crowd singing the national anthem and listening to speeches, while on the other side of the canal bank, a line of police cars waited.

In China’s Wuhan, Where Covid Outbreak Began, Hundreds Protest On Streets
Hundreds of people protested in Wuhan in central China on Sunday, livestreams showed, as demonstrations against the country’s strict zero-Covid policy broke out across the country. People gathered at night, cheering and recording the protest on their mobile phones. 

Chinese TV Cuts Maskless World Cup Scenes As Covid Protests Mount: Report

China’s state broadcaster is cutting close-up shots of maskless fans at the Qatar World Cup, after early coverage sparked anger at home where street protests have erupted over harsh Covid-19 restrictions.

CCTV Sports showed distant shots of the crowd where it was difficult to make out individual faces, and fewer crowd shots compared to the live telecast.

China’s Shenzhen Limits Indoor Occupancy, Asks Public To Work From Home

The Chinese city of Shenzhen said it will limit restaurant and other indoor venues to 50% occupancy as part of its COVID prevention measures.

During an evening briefing, local authorities also required the majority of enterprises, employees and residents to work from home from Monday to Friday.

China Records 39,506 New Covid Cases

China reported 39,506 domestic Covid-19 cases Sunday, a record high.

Several high-profile cases in which emergency services have been allegedly slowed down by Covid lockdowns, leading to deaths, have catalysed public opposition.

Hundreds of people massed outside Urumqi’s government offices after the deadly fire, chanting: “Lift lockdowns!”.

Overnight Vigils Took Place In Universities Across China

Other vigils took place overnight at universities across China, including one at Tsinghua’s neighbour Peking University, an undergraduate participant told AFP. 

Speaking anonymously for fear of repercussions, he said some anti-Covid slogans had been daubed on a wall in the university. 

“I heard people yelling: ‘No to Covid tests, yes to freedom!’,” he said.

“Xi Jinping, Step Down”: Chanted Crowds In Shanghai

Crowds had gathered hours before on nearby Wulumuqi street — named for Urumqi in Mandarin — with video showing protesters chanting “Xi Jinping, step down! CCP, step down!” in a rare display of public opposition to the Chinese Communist Party’s top leadership.

The Shanghai protests were in full swing at 2:00 am (1800 GMT), with one group mourning the 10 people killed in the Urumqi fire while another group chanted slogans.

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Shanghai on Sunday afternoon to hold what appeared to be a silent protest near where a demonstration had erupted just hours earlier. Demonstrators holding blank pieces of paper and white flowers stood silently at several intersections.

A deadly fire on Thursday in Urumqi, the capital of northwest China’s Xinjiang region, has become a fresh catalyst for public anger, with many blaming lengthy Covid lockdowns for hampering rescue efforts. Authorities deny the claims. 

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